Select Pro Bolt-on

Bolt-on gate locks are a convenient method for securing a gate.  Gatemaster Select Pro bolt-on locks are easily installed to new fabrications or existing gates. The four options, each with varied locking actions means there is a lock to suit every situation.

  • Deadlock – use the key to secure the gate, deadbolt moves 30mm.
  • Keylatch – holds the gate shut and requires the key to open every time.
  • Latch – convenient method of holding a gate closed and gives a professional finish to any gate.
  • Latch deadlock – professional and stylish gatelock, turn the key to extend the deadbolt 30mm into the gate post for maximum security.

The benefits of using Select Pro

Unique feature

Benefit to you

Comprehensive range of lock types
You can choose the correct lock to suit the customer's requirements.
Distinctive square shape
Fits well into traditional and contemporary gate styles.
Supplied with bolt support bearing
Brass bearing plate supports the deadbolt or latchbolt which means the gate shuts with minimal force.
All supplied with 5 pin eurocylinders
Guarantees smoother action and higher security.
Long 30mm movement
Deadbolt or latchbolt projects further into the gate post which increases security and gives more tolerance.
Very quick and easy to adjust
The deadbolt or latchbolt can be adjusted in length and set to left hand or right hand in seconds.
Tested to 1000 hours salt spray testing
Confidence that the product will withstand the rigours of all weathers.


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