Gate Locking Bolt

This Gatemaster gatelock has a strong deadbolt which moves 53mm with one turn of the key, simply fitted to the inside of the gate it gives a robust and professional finish.  Suitable for either wooden or metal gates.

  • Keyed both sides.
  • Suits left hand and right hand gates or doors.
  • Long throw – 53mm movement with one turn of the key.
  • Electro Galvanised finish.
  • Weld-in lock plates available – these can be welded or screwed on the gate and have the correct holes and fixings for fixing the gate lock. The slotted lockplate is used with the keep plate and is ideal for securing double gates.

The lock eurocylinder which extends from the back of the lock is available in 2 lengths for different sized gates.


Product Code

GLB - Eurocylinder extends 17mm from back of lock
GLB02 - Eurocylinder extends 60mm from back of lock

Plates to weld:
GLBK - Keep plate
GLBP - Standard lock plate
GLBS - Slotted lock plate

Plates to screw fix:
GLBKT - Keep plate
GLBST - Slotted lock plate
GLBET - Eurocylinder escutcheon
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